Social CSW

Social surroundings of malkins (prostitute owners) in the red light area, Sonagachi, Kolkata


  • To find out the cause for taking up the profession of CSW
  • To find out the cause for becoming a malkin
  • To find out the relationship between the malkins and the CSWs working under them


  • Personal interview of each malkin was taken with the help of a structured questionnaire
  • Interview was conducted by the doctors of PHPA programme on whom malkins had full confidence
  • All interviews was taken in closed door and the privacy was maintained
  • Malkins were allowed to speak at length about their personal life
    • Poverty in combination with other factors, such as, abused or left by the husband leads to take up the profession of CSW
    • A CSW acquired the status of a malkin either improving their economic status after working as CSW for a longer period or economic support rendered by her babu (lover) to take a house or rooms on rental basis
    • Participating malkins have good emotional relationship with the CSWs working under them
      Malkins know about PHPA clinic of SBDCH and appreciated their activities
    • Malkins showed main concern about the protection from the HIV/AIDS and also a safe place for the children of their own and other CSWs
      President of SBDCH meeting with the European team