Konika Inauguration

On 5th of September KONIKA was inaugurated by the presence of Rotaractors, President & members of different Inner wheel clubs, President & members of different Rotary Clubs, Bettina & Miriam (Studex), Governing Body members of SBDCH., CSWs, Children of KONIKA kindergarten, Children of KONIKA night shelter & the members of SBDCH. At present the senior most members of SBDCH is Ms. Ava Ghosh who cut the ribbon and inaugurated the KONIKA building. She often takes the classes of story telling for the KONIKA kindergarten. The inauguration was followed by a colourful cultural programme. We are giving you the Sequel of the Programme.

Inaugural Song

The programme started with an inaugural song. The song was sung by Ruby Basu, Sonali Basak & Sumita Rakshit with a dance performed by Shilpa, Tulsi, Nisha & Bandana.

Welcome speech

Our General Secretary delivered a welcome speech. He thanked everybody for their gathering. Those who have come to our programme truly love the children and are fully with us to endeavour. These people seem to be present beside SBDCH always in their moment of achievements. He also said that the turn out of the gathering would have been much more if it was not been a working day.


Rohit Singh, student of KONIKA Kindergarten presented an English rhyme

Dance Presentation

Students of Kindergarten & Night Shelter- Nisha, Bandana, Shilpa & Sanjana performed dance on a Bengali song.

Speeches by dignitaries

District Chairman of Rotaract District , the president of Rotary club of Calcutta south central, the president of Rotary club of Calcutta east central & few members of Inner wheel club of north Calcutta, Governing Body of members of SBDCH.In their speech everyone realized that it was an exceptional programme and tried to focus on the fact that they shall be with the children in the developmental process of their upbringings. They also assured for their help and support.

Rakhi Celebration

All the children of KONIKA night shelter & kindergarten tied Rakhi to all our guests. The members of Rotaractors tied the Rakhi (friendship band) to all the children.


Bengali rhymes presented by Sayan Debnath

Annual attendance prize distribution

1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes were given to Sanjana Singh, Anup Singh, Nisha Singh respectively.


The president of Rotaract club of north Calcutta & few Rotaractors also assured that they will be always beside Konika night shelter as they were actively associated with the Children of Kindergarten for last one year.


Mr. Soumen Gupta, a Rotarian sang a song on request though he was running with fever.


Sanjana Chattopadhyay (Immediate past president of Rotaract club of north Calcutta ) presented a dance which was awesome. This was wonderful and fascinating experience. Her performance was simply mind blowing. This was followed by another solo performance by Niraj Singh (a student of KONIKA kindergarten) whose performance was equally mesmerizing.


Hindi rhymes presented by Jitendra Singh

It was a compact programme of two hours. This cultural programme was organized in such an immaculate fashion that everybody was captivated & the spectators hardly realized the programme was over. The entire programme was compared by our nutritionist Ms.Sonali Mazumdar.