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Community Health Programmes

Health Camps

Bone Marrow Density Camp, Blood Donation Camp, Eye Care Camp, Health Care Camp


STDs Clinic

West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society in association with WHO and NACO. It is a strategy by the Government to spread the treatment facility to the population through private clinics and NGOs. So far STD clinic was restricted in Government Hospitals. This is an indirect approach to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS in treating STD cases. We are fortunate to be chosen as an NGO to run this clinic.

Pulse Polio

We always conduct National Immunization Day (NID) in our two centres. One in our project building and the other at our Public Health in Prostitute Area (PHPA) centre. In these two clinics we approximately cover 200 to 250 children.

World AIDS Day

On the 1st December each year World AIDS Day is held. People worldwide gather together to unite in the fight against HIV and every year SBDCH organises a community event.