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Aims of S. B. Devi Charity Home

Basic medical Service

The first aim was to improve basic medical services for the poor people in a quarter of North Kolkata.

Basic services according to the “Primary Health Care” of WHO are provided.

The types of treatment offered are Allopathy, Homoeopathy and Ayurveda - which is the patient's choice. Physicians from each of these streams of medicine working together can learn from each other to enhance their own practice and the quality of comprehensive care for their patients.

Preventive Medicine

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is now a cliche. Our second aim takes the meaning of this proverb literally.

Preventative medicine was introduced so that people could become aware of ways to keep healthy. When someone is attacked by a disease, treatment is necessary. However, it is even more important to develop immunity so that a person's life will have a minimum of disease and the need for drugs will be less.

Student Exchange

The third aim is the exchange of medical students. Physicians coming from economically disadvantaged communities in India want to provide the best service possible for their patients. Though they are competent doctors they lack experience in the advanced methods and techniques of developed countries. We support physicians who wish to achieve foreign specialised degrees.

European medical students are also given the chance to visit our country and work in government hospitals where they become familiar with tropical diseases and also get a good opportunity to study different cases which are rare where these students come from. They can also become aware of homoeopathy and ayurveda as it is practiced in India. This intercultural liaison results in a mutually beneficial relationship between S. B. Devi Charity Home and Calcutta Project Basel.

Studies and Research

The fourth aim is to conduct clinical studies for research purposes. This is an opportunity for gathering experiences and knowledge in different spheres of the medical field.

Medical professionals are also given the opportunity to manage projects under this venture.

Governing Body of S. B. Devi Charity Home

S. B. Devi Charity Home
Dr. Debashis Banerjee, Mr. Pratap Kumar Roy, Dr. Sujit Basu, Dr. Ajoy Mukherjee, Dr. Gitali Roy Mitra
S. B. Devi Charity Home governing body
Dr. Debashis Banerjee, Mr. Pratap Kumar Roy (Vice President), Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Das (President), Dr. Sujit Basu (Chief Medical Advisor), Dr. Ajoy Mukherjee (Medical Services), Mr. Sekhar Chattopadhyay (General Secretary and Administrator)

Calcutta Project Basel Members

Calcutta Project Basel Members
Chandan Chattopadyay, Christophe Schmidt, Theo Amacher, Judith Heckendorn, Marcel Tanner, Peter Koch, Klaus Gyr
Dr. Sekhar Chattopadyay and Dr. Tapas Jana at the airport with Calcutta Project members
Sekhar Chattopadyay and Dr. Tapas Jana at the airport with Calcutta Project members